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Products and Services

Accord USA International

Quality and Dependability

In a world where change is accelerating and markets are increasingly competitive, Accord USA International consistently raises the bar to anticipate our customers needs. We have reliable, reasonably priced off spec rubber compounds, or raw materials that meet your and our highest specifications to the production consistencies in mixing and blending, to our commitment to on-time delivery, we ensure our clients can depend on our performance. It’s a formula proven to meet our customers highest expectations for dependability.

Accord USA Intentional is one of North America's leading custom off spec rubber wholesalers with the capacity to supply over 2.5 million pounds annually. We continually invest in our commitment to find and sell more compounds both natural and synthetic polymers and PCU's for a wide range of demanding applications. Our compounds go into a wide variety of end-products including mats, vehical splash guards, hand truck tires, washers, and many more...

Examples of rubber compounds avalible:

  • • SBR
  • • NR
  • • NBR
  • • EPDM
  • • Isoprene
  • • Butadiene
  • • Clean outs
  • • And Different type of off spec Carbon Black.

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